From hotels to restaurants, our expert team has vast experience working on commercial projects – and we approach every project with a blend of creativity, craftsmanship and dedication.



We specialise in transforming commercial environments into dynamic and inviting spaces that leave a lasting impression on clients, customers and employees.

Whether it’s a bustling office, a stylish retail store or a classy hotel, we understand the importance of quality painting, decorating and wallpapering. Our teams use dustless sanding systems, ensuring efficiency and cleanliness, and we have specialists who work with Muraspec and Tektura vinyl wall coverings.

Our dedicated team members are passionate about what they do and always strive to deliver a service of the utmost professionalism. We cover the whole of the UK for commercial contracts.


Think of us for commercial tiling services – we offer professional solutions for businesses seeking to enhance their interior spaces with durable, visually appealing tile installations.

From office buildings and retail spaces to hotels and restaurants, we cater to a wide range of commercial establishments, bringing skill and precision to every project. Whether it’s installing ceramic tiles in a lobby, mosaic tiles in a restaurant kitchen or porcelain tiles in a hotel bathroom, we provide businesses with custom-designed solutions to meet their specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

With a focus on efficiency and reliability, we strive to minimise disruption to business operations while delivering superior results that enhance the overall appearance and value of the commercial property.

We have had a long serving relationship with JC Decorations spanning over 5 years now, they have been fantastic on all our commercial projects across the UK. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Their eye for detail and meeting deadlines is second to none.

Brendan O’Sullivan


SB Construction (Design & Build) Ltd

Recent Projects


Little Dobbies

A new concept by Dobbies Garden Centres is to bring small shops to big cities. We had the privilege to carry out these new concepts in Bristol, Notting Hill, Chiswick and Richmond. With black-sprayed ceilings and light grey walls, these commercial spaces really do look amazing.

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Dobbies Garden Centres

We got given the task through lockdown to redecorate over 15 Dobbies Garden Centres throughout England, Wales and Scotland. We redecorated shop floor areas, restaurants and toilets, and it was a pleasure carrying out all of these works for our client SB Construction (Design & Build) Ltd.

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Club Quarters, St Paul’s, London

This hotel in the heart of London next to the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral was an honour to be a part of. Working with 263 bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors and public areas in a live hotel was a challenge that we relished. Our operatives produced such high standards of work, ensuring all rooms were completed on time and to perfection. With wide vinyls to the corridors and fabric-backed wallpaper to its bedrooms, this hotel looks stunning.

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