We care about the environment. From ensuring everything’s recycled properly at our head office to using paints that are kind to the planet, we collectively make a conscious effort to do our bit. And by making a positive impact, in turn that makes a positive impact on your business too.

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We’re on a mission to change the way we paint

We care about sustainability and so do the companies we work with. Each paint brand we choose offers eco-friendly options, from non-toxic low VOC paints to water-based paints with additional sustainable properties. Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond Matt, for example, is a quick-drying, water-based coating containing an in-film bactericide, which inhibits bacteria and reduces populations of MRSA and E. coli.

We recycle paint and empty paint tins with our supplier, Brewers Decorator Centres. Plus, many of the vinyls we work with are made from recycled materials and our dustless sanding systems are more eco-friendly than traditional sanding methods, fully negating atmospheric dust.